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Webisode 18

Triple-S 2010

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Ok here we are, rocking it out with all the sick crew from Real Kiteboarding, at the Triple-S invitational 2010!!

What a great event, good riders, everyone having it hard.

Just watch the episode to get a nice idea of our trip and lifestyle.

Rock it!!

See ya at the Triple-S next year. Come check it out and stay in the Waterman’s retreat, you’ll love it. Make sure you book in time…




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  1. very nice video :-)

    bapt6 Oct 9, 2010
  2. ruben i like when you crash in the skate park it s the best moment sowww aaron bravo after kiteboarding world champion maybe skateboarder champion no ???

    bapt6 Oct 9, 2010
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  4. guys i cant help but notice that you have dumped the standard bindings and changed to boot bindings…
    i am thinking of doing the same, do you have any recommendations/comments?
    have you done it mostly for the rails or freestyle in general?
    btw awesome videos!

    yan Oct 13, 2010
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